About WorldShift

"WorldShift" is a global movement began in September 2009 by an emergency proposal from Club of Budapest in response to global financial, economical and environmental crisis to shift the world to a sustainable one.

Based on the transformation of awareness and behavior at the individual level, beyond national and ethnic barriers, and cuts across barriers of politics and business leadership, civil sectors and media, we aim to create a better future by making "WorldShift" declaration.

WorldShift Declaration

Are you ready to declare your WorldShift?

WorldShift is a social movement by answering a question: "What kind of world do you want?"

Social changes will emerge as your own, by filling out your own desired world onto "WorldShift Declaration Logo" and by declaring how you will "shift the world".

WorldShift Declaration Logo - illustrated

The logo was created by WorldShift Network Japan in 2010 and is under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license. For any questions or comments, please contact us at info@worldshift.jp .

Here is how...

(1) Download WorldShift Logo & Print out.

Click here for a pdf file!

WorldShift Logo

(2) Fill out your WorldShift

It could be words or drawing.

It's up to you which order you fill it out. Some begins with end in mind. Others starts with the issues currently facing.

WorldShift Logo

In 2010, WorldShit Network Japan created "WorldShift Wheel" to aid framing your WorldShift.

WorldShift Wheel (ver2.0) en

For those already familiar with SDGs, this might be more useful.

New to SDGs?
Check it out at United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals site.

WorldShift Wheel x SDGs (ver2.0) en

(3) Sign at the right bottom corner.

It's yours. Own it!

We have witnessed to rewrite the WorldShift Declaration Logo over the time. For that, it would be useful if you also date it!

WorldShift Logo

(4) Take a photo.

Hold it in front of you, and smile!

The photo shows a declaration by Tetra Tanizaki (谷崎テトラ), chairman of WorldShift Network Japan, for WorldShift Kyoto Forum 2018 -- from Learn (学ぶ) to Act (動く) by Connect (つながる).

WorldShift Tetra

(5) Share it with others.

Tell your story. Share it with others.
Invite them to be a part of your journey.

WorldShift Declaration Presentation
WorldShift Declaration Presentation

(6) Hashtag #WorldShift and #ImpactJourney to be a part of the movement.

When you share the photo on your social media, use hushtag #WorldShift to connect & support.

Also use #ImpactJourney to connect with impact makers around the world.

WorldShift x ImpactJourney
WorldShift Fyodor
WorldShift x ImpactJourney WorldShift x ImpactJourney WorldShift x ImpactJourney WorldShift x ImpactJourney WorldShift x ImpactJourney WorldShift x ImpactJourney

What's New



In order to realize a global shift to better societies, it is important not to take the issues of "economy", "society", and "ecosystem" as problems of only that area, but to exercise wisdom and change holistically.

As a place to gather and disseminate knowledge of these various areas, we started the online magazine "WorldShift MAGAZINE".

WorldShift Network Japan will continue to move toward realizing a peaceful and sustainable better world in cooperation with various media, companies and organizations.

(Sorry, currently available only in Japanese.)

WorldShift Communicator

"WorldShift Communicator" is an evangelist (1) to empower individuals to declare and act the own shift, then (2) to connect those individuals by sharing the current status of world and the concept of WorldShift

To promote autonomous decentralized cooperative movement, WorldShift Network Japan hosts "WorldShift Communicator Seminars" to nurture "WorldShift Communicators"


>>Becoming a WorldShift Communicator (English Coming soon)

WorldShift Forum

WorldShift Forum is an annual event for domain experts, NGOs, companies, scientists, artists, citizens to gathered and share their current shifts in various domains.

WorldShift Forum 2013

-make another story of the future-

14.Dec.2013 UN University, Tokyo


WorldShift Forum 2011

- Shift from Japan-

15.May.2011 UN University, Tokyo

WorldShift Forum 2012

-The Future We Want-

18.Nov.2012 UN University, Tokyo

WorldShift Forum 2010

- To Peaceful and Sustainable Society -

24.Apr.2010 UN University

WorldShift Video Clips

Question1: What is WorldShift and why now?
Question2: How exactly could we shift?
Question3: Any messages to Japanese audience?


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